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Our Drinking-Water Crisis Goes Far Beyond Flint

Millions of Americans could be drinking contaminated water — and not even know it. 

Senate Deal on GMO Labeling Will Keep Consumers in the Dark

Facing a July 1 deadline to meet Vermont’s landmark GMO-labeling law, lawmakers in Congress have been racing to settle the debate on mandatory labeling for genetically modified food.  A reported

EIA Reaffirms Climate Momentum, Contrary to Chamber's Claims

(This post has also been published in Mark Drajem's Bloomberg Government newsletter.)

Norway’s Green Flash in the Pan

Norway signed a multi-lateral agreement with the United States last month, full of very laudable commitments.

And very promptly set about ignoring some of the most vital ones.

Channel Square: Where Sustainability Meets Affordability

A guest blog entry by NRDC Stanback Fellow Samuel Corwin