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Congress Pushing Forward for More Invasive Species

In the fight to keep the Great Lakes free of invasive species, we are used to battling alien creatures (quagga mussels, bloody red shrimp, and the like) that do not belong in our inland seas. But lately, it seems like we have been battling zombies.

There’s No Conspiracy in Cowspiracy (But the Methane is Real)

According to Cowspiracy, NRDC and other environmental groups have not paid enough attention to the pollution caused by the livestock industry, or worse, have been co-opted by the industry to keep quiet. It turns out that neither is true.

Senate Energy and Water Bill Not As Non-Controversial as Claimed

The Senate is attempting to pass the first appropriations bill of the year—the FY17 Energy and Water Appropriations Act. Until the recent controversy about Sen.

More Good Efficiency News for Rooftop Air Conditioners

The savings for rooftop air conditioners—which cool more than half of commercial floor space in the United States—just keep coming.

Community Solar Comes to New York

Call it one small shovelful of dirt for New York’s Capital District, one giant leap for solar power in New York State and nationwide.

Opening Our Oceans to Oil: Subsidizing the Past

Yesterday, I joined colleagues and concerned citizens from around the country at a gathering to tell the Obama Administration that it’s time to get the federal government out of the business of sanctioning offshore drilling that puts our