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Father's Day in Glacier National Park

Today is the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service.

Time Is Now for Carbon Pollution Standard for Transportation

Approaching the finish line last week, a record number of comments flooded in about the Federal Highway Administration’s proposal to measure congestion, and adopt new standards for tracking and ultimately reducing carbon pollution from transportation plans.

Report: EU Policies Put Biodiversity, U.S. Forests at Risk

The European Commission earlier this month released a startling new report acknowledging in detail the far-reaching environmental impacts of the exp

Flood Experts Ask For Stronger Runoff Protections in NJ

Devastating floods have struck Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Ellicott City, Maryland in recent weeks, destroying homes and claiming lives. But in addition to these high-profile disasters, moderate flooding continues to affect communities across the country on a regular basis.

Fact-Checking the Oil Industry's Claims on AB 197 and SB 32

Despite the oil industry lobby spending another record amount to oppose,