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What Just Happened? California Passes Major Climate Bills

Less than a month after critical climate legislation was declared dead by Capitol insiders, oil lobbyists, and some California legislators, today we celebrate passage of two bills that together enact the most aggressive emissions targets in North America and require California – the world’s sixth

Place and Purpose: My Summer with NRDC in Montana

Guest blog post written by Emma Fisher.

Executive Order Would Drive Climate Progress in Colorado

As the impacts of climate change intensify in Colorado – leading to diminishing snowpack, more severe droughts, and larger wildfires – the urgency of reducing carbon pollution grows clearer.

Latin America Green News This Week: 8/17 - 7/24/2016

Chile to sign Paris agreement, warming temps threaten potato crops, indigenous community challenges Nicaraguan canal

Father's Day in Glacier National Park

Today is the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service.