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Air Pollution & Heat Impacts Study during India’s Epic Heatwave

Guest Blog by Nehmat Kaur, NRDC India Representative and Abhiyant Tiwari, Indian Institute of Public Health, Gandhinagar

PJM’s New Rules Skew Against Clean Energy; Silver Lining in a Lower Forecast

At a time when countries around the world have committed to cutting climate-warming pollution, our nation’s largest electric grid operator is increasing reliance on fossil-fueled power to meet future electricity demand.

House Energy and Water Bill Loaded with Policy Riders

The House Energy and Water appropriations bill traditionally marks the beginning of anti-environmental rider season—a season even more depressing than the record-breaking rains in Washington, DC this May.

Some G7 Countries Still Providing Billions in Financing for Coal Plants: Findings from Our New Report

This post was co-written with Jake Schmidt and Silvia Peng.

Stalking Extreme Heat, "The Silent Killer," to Protect Community Health

Climate change is fueling stronger and longer heatwaves, intensifying heat-health threats. Over the past three decades, annual average temperatures have been on the rise globally.