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Why We Need an Ambitious HFC Phasedown Agreement in 2016

Representatives of almost 150 countries including India have spent the last 9 days in Vienna in intense discussions working towards an agreement under the Montreal Protocol to phase down production and consumption of the potent global warming chemicals called hydrofluorocarbon

Vienna HFC Talks: Progress, High Expectations, & Work Ahead

The HFC talks in Vienna wound up early Sunday morning with strong progress toward a Montreal Protocol amendment to phase down these super potent climate pollutants, and high expectations that the deal will be sealed in Kigali, Rwanda, this October.    

Report: Major Ecosystem Losses in Canada's Boreal Since 2000

This blog was drafted by Elizabeth Shope and Danielle Droitsch.

Latin America Green News This Week: 7/14 - 7/20/2016

Food insecurity plaguing the region, Guatemalan town strives to become adaptation model, Mexico adds budget to mitigation efforts in Tabasco

Search & Destroy: The Republican (Anti-)Environmental Agenda

House of Representatives Anti-Environmental Agenda -- Multiple votes to undercut environmental protection

Vienna HFC Update #2: Countries Engage and Bargaining Begins

HFC phase-down talks in Vienna are moving forward rapidly this week as countries engage on the specifics of freeze and reduction targets and funding needs. Negotiators have delved into key issues all week, and ministers are arriving for high-level talks over the next two days.