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New Analysis Supports Need to Phase-Out Federal Fossil Fuel Extraction

A new report from the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) provides yet more evidence that it is time to end fossil fuel leasing on the United States' public l

All Aboard: Clean Energy Deployment Shows No Signs of Slowing

Demand for renewable energy is accelerating. It's undeniable.

Summer is Coming: Tips to Keep Your Home Cool and Your Wallet Comfortable

With cooling season fast approaching, it's not too early to take steps to make sure your home will be comfortable without wasting energy—or overheating your wallet—as the temperature rises.

FCC Proposal Could Undermine Efforts to Bring Down National Set-Top Box Energy Use

The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) proposal to “open up” the pay TV set-top box market to competition may disrupt the industry’s ongoing efforts to reduce customer electricity costs by more than $1 billion per year.

Koch Brothers Struggling to Block Climate Action in State Legislatures

An alphabet soup of polluter-funded groups is taking credit for the latest state legislative push against climate action.