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FDA’s New Interim NARMS Report: Bugs on Food. Some Good News on Salmonella, but Let's Wait for the Rest of It

In science, there’s a fine balance between timeliness and quality. With just about everyone demanding timelier data on the antibiotic resistance associated with livestock use, FDA clearly decided to jump the gun.

Energy Savings on the Way for Commercial and Industrial Compressors, Water Heaters, and Packaged Boilers, but More Savings Are Possible

The Department of Energy proposed the first-ever efficiency standards for commercial and industrial compressors late last week which, once finalized, will save an estimated 0.2 quadrillion BTU ("quads") and

New Oil and Gas Methane Inventory Numbers Back Pressing Need for Standards

Last month, EPA released its national greenhouse gas inventory for 1990-2014, and it’s not good news for the oil and gas industry.

New Analysis Supports Need to Phase-Out Federal Fossil Fuel Extraction

A new report from the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) provides yet more evidence that it is time to end fossil fuel leasing on the United States' public l

All Aboard: Clean Energy Deployment Shows No Signs of Slowing

Demand for renewable energy is accelerating. It's undeniable.