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Koch Brothers Struggling to Block Climate Action in State Legislatures

An alphabet soup of polluter-funded groups is taking credit for the latest state legislative push against climate action.

China Fighting Air Pollution in Air, Land, and Sea

This post was co-authored with my colleagues Winslow Robertson, Freda Fung and Zhixi Zhu.

Hiding The Tea Party/Polluter Agenda in Funding Bills -- Again

Last year, the House and Senate Republicans tried to attach over 100 unrelated provisions to the bill funding the government for the year that began on October 1, 2015.  Because of the work of groups across the progressive and veteran

Why Do Lower-Income Families Pay More In Energy Costs? Some Answers—and Solutions

Multifamily housing lags behind other types of large urban buildings when it comes to energy efficiency—a statement confirmed by a recent report that got national attention for its finding