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PJM’s New Rules Skew Against Clean Energy; Silver Lining in a Lower Forecast

At a time when countries around the world have committed to cutting climate-warming pollution, our nation’s largest electric grid operator is increasing reliance on fossil-fueled power to meet future electricity demand.

House Energy and Water Bill Loaded with Policy Riders

The House Energy and Water appropriations bill traditionally marks the beginning of anti-environmental rider season—a season even more depressing than the record-breaking rains in Washington, DC this May.

Some G7 Countries Still Providing Billions in Financing for Coal Plants: Findings from Our New Report

This post was co-written with Jake Schmidt and Silvia Peng.

Stalking Extreme Heat, "The Silent Killer," to Protect Community Health

Climate change is fueling stronger and longer heatwaves, intensifying heat-health threats. Over the past three decades, annual average temperatures have been on the rise globally.

Coal Financing and Japan: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

This post was co-written with Sarah Lyn Vollmer.