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13 Billion Reasons McAuliffe Should Disregard Dominion’s Gold-plated Electricity Boondoggle

In proposing the equivalent of buying a Ferrari to take a trip to the grocery store, Dominion Virginia Power’s latest

Commission Approves $250 Million in Energy Efficiency Funding for Low-Income Households Following Aliso Canyon Leak

The California Public Utilities Commission has approved a huge funding increase in the deployment of energy efficiency measures to low-income households in the Los Angeles region, a move designed to help al

New Report: 85,000 New Yorkers Work in Clean Energy

More than 85,000 New Yorkers work in clean energy at more than 7,500 business establishments, according to Clean Jobs New York, a new analysis released this week by the national nonpartisan business group Environmental Entrepreneurs (an NRDC affiliat

New York City Poised to Adopt Plastic Bag Fee to Curb Street Litter and Waterway Pollution

The New York City Council is expected to vote this afternoon on legislation that would place a five cent fee on single use plastic and paper bags—a forward-looking initiative designed to slash the seemingly endless stream of plastic litter in the nation’s largest city.

Building a Better Future in India, Piloting a Building Energy Saving Online Compliance System in Hyderabad

As temperatures soar across India, energy demand surges. Peak demand for electricity to power cooling, such as conditioning and fans, is increasing in cities like Hyderabad.

FDA’s New Interim NARMS Report: Bugs on Food. Some Good News on Salmonella, but Let's Wait for the Rest of It

In science, there’s a fine balance between timeliness and quality. With just about everyone demanding timelier data on the antibiotic resistance associated with livestock use, FDA clearly decided to jump the gun.