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A “Cool” Energy-Saving Opportunity for India

Energy-efficient air conditioning presents a significant saving opportunity for India in the face of rapid economic growth and rising energy demands.

Steady Progress on Ozone and Climate at Bangkok Talks

This post co-authored by Alex Hillbrand

The Montreal Protocol’s 30th anniversary is shaping up to be a good year for ozone and climate protection.

India Green News: First Solar Powered Train Launched & more

India Green News: Indian Builders Pledge 'Green' Homes in Race to Meet Climate Goals; India’s First Solar-Powered DEMU Train Launched; India's Water-Energy Nexus

NRDC: Halt Seismic Blasting Permits

Today, on behalf of ourselves, our members, and many other environmental groups, we’re submitting an 85-page comment letter to the Trump administration opposing seismic blasting in the Atlantic.