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As KFC Rebrands, It Can’t Ignore Antibiotics

KFC’s public image is at a crossroads.

Keep Calm and Lower the Cap

The California Air Resources Board released yesterday the results of the latest quarterly auction of emission allowances pursuant to the cap-and-trade program, a cornerstone of California’s plan to slas

Looking Outdoors for Lasting Water Savings in California

The drought news from California this month is slightly less dire—“only” 64% of the state is still experiencing drought conditions that are considered “severe” or worse.

DOE’s SunShot Successes Underscore the Bright Benefits of Federal Clean Energy Investments

What do GPS, the Internet and now solar, have in common? All are successful cutting-edge technologies that benefited from critical government support over the years.

Food Waste Goes to Capitol Hill: NRDC Testifies Before House Committee Today

It’s been an exciting few weeks for those of us working reduce the massive 40% of food that goes to waste less in America every year.